Saturday, 20 August 2011

Murdoch BSKYB bid dropped under mounting pressure

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has dropped his bid to take full control of BSKYB after coming under mounting pressure over the hacking of cell phone voicemails. UK tabloid journalism is a cesspool. Page 3 girls and checkbook journalism are an integral part of business, especially at Rupert Murdoch’s papers. So was phone hacking. Nobody cared when it was the royal family and celebrities. Until news emerged that Murdoch tabloid NOTW had hacked the voicemails of a murdered child and Iraq war widows. Previously, NOTW had been able to keep things quiet by subverting police investigations and paying off victims, who are now thought to number at least 4000. But the new revelations caused advertisers to flee. To contain the meltdown, Murdoch killed NOTW. The fallout is spreading, implicating others in Murdoch’s empire and weakening his hold over British politicians. Just as he was poised to complete his dominance of UK media by taking over its largest pay-TV broadcaster. A plan that has now been shelved indefinitely.

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